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They Killed a Snake with Boiling Water!!!

“Chowking” Restaurant Employees Killed a Snake with Boiling Water!

This incident happened late night of September 28, 2018. When I was just about to head home from long day of work. I decided to drop by to have something to eat, at popular fast food restaurant here in the Philippines which is “Chowking”. I have always been a customer on that particular branch because it was closeby my place.

The restaurant wasn’t that busy at that night, it was around 11:30PM and there were only few people inside. After i ordered my food, i took a seat near the glass window facing outside where my car was parked. Few minutes later my food arrived, and I started eating right away while watching videos on YouTube.

Halfway through my meal, i heard a some people inside the restaurant talking loud and heard a scream from a lady. I didn’t really paid attention right away because i thought that they were just talking loud. I finally looked lady, and she was staring at me with a worried look on her face. Then a young boy that was standing outside began knocking through the glass window, to try getting my attention. I looked at the boy and he was pointing at my feet, confused by all the commotion i looked under the table and saw this Snake that was literally few feet away from me.

My first reaction was to get up and ran away from my table, went closer to the counter where all the people were standing. The snake crawled behind the air conditioning unit, then moved under the table to hide. The Snake wasn’t trying to attack anyone, it was just trying to hide from all the people because most of the customers were screaming at that point. It was about 3 feet long and the head was about an inch in diameter.

The Security guard of the restaurant went inside and he was holding a mop. I knew exactly what he was about to do, to hit the snake with the mop. So i asked him not to, i told him he can just throw a blanket on it and then we he can catch it.

It was a bit tense inside the restaurant at that point, with all the customers screaming, i don’t know if the guy can hear me or not but he was already focused on hitting the poor snake with the mop. Once again as he was looking for the snake under the table i yelled at him and said ” Just put a blanket on it, and ill catch it”.

Ok!!!……its not like I’m not afraid of the snake or anything, but since it wasn’t that big…i know that if its covered with a cloth its basically harmless, and would be easy to catch and be released outside.

I do understand that most people are scared of snakes, but its fucked up that they think, that the best way to get rid of it was to kill it!!!???. At that point most of the crew were holding sticks and was ready to kill the Snake. All of a sudden one guy from the kitchen went out and was holding a bucket of Boiling water….It was like a horror movie happening in front of everyone.

They poured boiling water under the table where the snake was and i can see how the snake was trying so fucking hard to hide. No matter how i try to stop them from doing it, they wouldn’t stop. They poured buckets and buckets of boiling water towards the snake, and the snake eventually got cooked alive in front of everyone.

I felt sick to my stomach watching all that happen, i even told the guy that what they were doing is actually against the Law. In the Philippines there’s a Law that protects animals like that from being killed if captured or found, but since no one gets punished for killing animals like that, they think its ok to do it!!!

Heres a Vlog i did the next day when the incident happened:

I grew up in the province, and had a lot encounter where snakes would come in into our house as a kid. My Father would take always see to it that we’d take it and release it somewhere away rom the house. I didn’t understand that as a kid so i asked my dad then why can’t we just kill it like what other neighbors were doing? My dad said that just like humans those animals just wants to live too. He also added that the reason why they would sometimes end up inside homes is because theres so much development that is going on that these creatures are being pushed away from their own habitat where they used to live freely

My dad is uneducated and never finished school, but one thing i have learned from him is respect all life forms. I remember him saying, that reason why these animals are ending up in people’s homes is because of the development thats going on that these creatures are being pushed away from their own habitat where they used to live freely.

My purpose in publishing this article is not to bash anyone and if something like this happens again i wish that people would handle it better. I just hope people would realize that we’re not the only species that are meant to live in this planet. It’s sad that we are in the age of technology and information, yet people are so ignorant or maybe choose to be ignorant. Being scared of these kind of animals doesn’t give us a license to kill it. This is exactly why there’s so much imbalance in nature nowadays. It’s a sad reality, but humans can be so cruel at times.

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